Skewb Notation

The notation used in this tutorial is Fixed Centre Notation. This means that the centre on the top (aka "U" for "upper") face remains stationary when normal moves are applied. Therefore, this means that we will be turning ONLY corners that belong to the bottom (aka "D" for "down") side.

The blue pieces in the figures move in the direction of the arrows. For "prime" moves (e.g. F', R'), simply turn the same corresponding pieces, but in the opposite direction of the arrows.
The black letters are the face labels, of course ("U" for "upper", "F" for "Front", and "R" for "Right").


The majority of the time, you'll only be turning F and R with cube rotations in between. Cube rotations follow the standard xyz rotation procedure.

Other Notation Conventions

  • Fixed Corner Notation (the proper "FCN") from the Kirjava-Meep Skewb Method.
  • Sarah Notation from Sarah Strong's Skewb Method.
  • Positional Notation from a solution on; the best way to share algs between other notation conventions.
  • Fixed Corner Notation for the OG. From acubist's site (link is broken, viewable in the Internet Archive).